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Tradition & variety: weekly markets on Mallorca

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In addition to walks in the countryside and relaxing afternoons on the coast, a classic holiday on Mallorca also includes a visit to a traditional weekly market. But which market is the most beautiful?

The cosy old towns with their light-coloured sandstone façades and narrow, uneven alleyways never fail to impress. The colourful hustle and bustle at the markets and the relaxed and balanced attitude to life of the Mallorcans are so infectious that many visitors even go to the market just to look, stroll and enjoy.

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Most beautiful place on Mallorca - is that even possible?

The weekly markets in the streets and market halls of Mallorca are so varied and diverse that it is difficult to choose just one. In addition to the best-known markets in Alcúdia and Sineu, the variety of other impressive weekly markets, which are often located directly in the old town centres of small towns, is unbeatable.

The old, purpose-built market hall in the centre of the capital is also particularly popular. However, Palma de Mallorca, like many other places on the largest of the Balearic Islands, has more weekly markets than just the traditional Mercat de l'Olivar in the large hall in the centre of the old town. The selection of specialities and delicacies at the markets also makes it clear that there is hardly another island in the world as diverse as Mallorca.

The weekly markets, which can still be found in every major village, are an expression of the centuries-old culture of the Mallorcans. On the island, which until a few decades ago did not have a single supermarket, many people still live largely from the purchases they regularly make at the weekly market. This is why the Mallorcan market culture has survived and remains an integral part of Mallorcan life.

In our practical overview, you can quickly and easily find the most beautiful markets in Mallorca, where you can buy handicrafts, jewellery, souvenirs and leather goods. Extensive and reliable, the stalls on the market days spread throughout the week provide Mallorca and its inhabitants with everything their hearts desire.

Weekly markets in Mallorca - a quick overview

  • Alcúdia
  • Andratx
  • Artà
  • Cala Millor
  • Cala Ratjada
  • Calvià
  • Can Picafort
  • Manacor
  • Pollença Santanyí
  • Santa Ponça
  • S'Arracó
  • Sineu
  • Sóller

Alcúdia market - handmade leather goods and more

The weekly market in Alcúdia is one of the largest and most popular markets on Mallorca. In addition to everyday groceries such as fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products, the traders at this market focus on clothing and jewellery. Leather goods in particular, such as bags and shoes, are available here in a special variety and at moderate prices. The jewellery made by artisans includes more than just the odd item for a grand entrance.

The market, which is located directly behind the historic city wall, runs through the entire old town and takes place all year round on Tuesdays and Sundays from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm. It's worth coming first thing in the morning to have a little more peace and quiet and not be there at lunchtime with the biggest crowds.

  • Where? Carrer Jaume II, 28, 07400 Alcúdia
  • When? Tuesdays and Sundays
  • What time? 8:30–13:30 h

The typical Mallorcan weekly market in Andratx

The weekly market, which takes place every Wednesday from 8:00-15:00 below the church in Andratx, sells typical Mallorcan produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products, as well as flowers, handicrafts and clothing.

Since 1970, the market has been so large that it is no longer held in the original market hall, but outside on the Poligon Son Mas. Andratx, which is connected to all the towns on the west coast as far as Pollença by one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Mallorca, invites you to combine a visit to the market with a trip to the sea. The impressive views from the cliffs and the winding road through canyon-like landscapes are definitely worth a visit.

  • Where? Poligon Son Mas, 07150 Andratx
  • When? Wednesdays
  • What time? 8:00–15:00 h
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The Artà market as a colourful highlight of market culture

In Artà, it becomes clear why the markets enrich Mallorca and Mallorcan culture so much. The colourful weekly market with consistently high-quality products in the north-eastern town of Artà combines several markets.

Every Tuesday from 8:00-13:30, a varied weekly market takes place both in the historic market hall and outside its gates in the cobbled streets.

While the market hall primarily sells food and items for everyday use, the streets are lined with convivial stalls selling handmade clothing, pottery, jewellery and decorative items from local artisans.

A particular speciality is wickerwork, which is still made locally from dried palm leaves in the old Mallorcan tradition. Baskets, sun hats, bags and much more are created here and not only look impressive thanks to their woven patterns, but are also made entirely from plant-based materials.

  • Where? Plaça del Conqueridor, 07570 Artà
  • When? dienstags
  • What time? 8:00–13:30 h

The Cala Millor market is a favourite destination for the whole family

The weekly market takes place every Monday between March and October from 9:00-13:00 in this coastal town, which is particularly popular with German holidaymakers.

In addition to the obligatory requirements for fresh food, animal products, spices and baked goods, there is also a wide range of leather goods. A large selection of bags, shoes, belts and jewellery are available here. But every market visitor looking for clothing and accessories for men, women and children will also find what they are looking for. The range of goods on sale is rounded off with souvenirs and small gifts, offering something of interest for the whole family.

  • Where? Carrer de l'Eucaliptus, 07560 Cala Millor
  • When? March to October; Mondays
  • What time? 9:00–13:00 h
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Cala Ratjada: Market and people in the former fishing village

The small weekly market near the popular little bays, for which Cala Ratjada is also known in Germany, invites you to take a leisurely stroll. Every Saturday from 8:00-14:00 there is a lively market with colourful hustle and bustle, which is particularly busy in the summer months and during German holiday periods.

The former fishing village has now developed into a popular tourist destination - this can also be seen at the weekly market, where you can find a wide range of souvenirs as well as a large selection of clothes, bags and shoes. Those in search of food will not be disappointed. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, typical island sausage and meat products as well as dairy products are also available here.

  • Where? Carrer Castellet, 12, 07590 Es Pelats
  • When? Saturdays
  • What time? 8:00–14:00 h

Culture and history at the market in Calvià

The capital of the municipality of the same name, Calvià, offers a varied weekly market in a stately setting. The market, which takes place every Monday, 8:00-13:00, in front of historic manor houses and the impressive parish church of Sant Joan Baptista along Carrer de Germans Montcada, offers everything your heart desires.

In addition to the classic, typical Mallorcan market goods such as fresh food, clothing and ceramics, you will also find specialities such as original Balearic craftsmanship, handmade musical instruments and high-quality leather goods.

Even those who visit the weekly market in Calvià just for a stroll will be rewarded with an impressive view of the coast with its historic watchtowers and the wide surroundings of the municipality of Calvià - the highest point of Calvià is at the church of Sant Joan Baptista.

  • Where? Carrer de Germans Montcada, 07184 Calvià
  • When? Mondays
  • What time? 8:00–13:00 h

The classic weekly market in Can Picafort

If you want to combine a visit to the beach with a leisurely stroll through the weekly market, Can Picafort is the place for you. Located just a few hundred metres from the beach, the weekly market is particularly popular with tourists.

Here you can buy typical foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, ham, cheese and olives as well as Mallorcan pottery, clothing and souvenirs.

If you find a cosy spot in one of the surrounding cafés and restaurants and watch the hustle and bustle of the market from outside while enjoying one of the Mallorcan specialities, you will also have a wonderful day in this popular little town.

The Can Picafort market takes place every Friday, 07:00-13:00. However, especially in summer, it is advisable to come in the morning to avoid the crowds.

  • Where? May to October: Son Baulo; November to April: Artà-Alcudia, 07458 Can Picafort
  • When? Fridays
  • What time? 7:00–13:00 h

High-quality pearls and furniture on the Manacor market

The second largest town on the island, Manacor is considered the economic centre of eastern Mallorca. Manacor is associated with the upper classes and is known for its expensive furniture and high-quality pearl jewellery, which is sold here first-hand at the market in the immediate vicinity of the pearl factory.

Unlike other weekly markets, the focus here is not on food. If you still want to buy fresh food, you can find it at the separate fruit and vegetable market on Plaça Constitució on weekday mornings. At the weekly market on Plaça Ramon Llull, which takes place every Monday from 9:00-14:00, you will find a large selection of handmade olive wood products as well as furniture and pearl traders who are known far beyond the city limits.

As the majority of today's inhabitants are also originally Mallorcan, you can discover real life in the streets of this large city by island standards.

  • Where? Plaça Ramon Llull, 07500 Manacor
  • When? Mondays
  • What time? 9:00–14:00 h

Pollenca market - the most popular market in Mallorca

With almost 300 stalls, the weekly market in Pollença is one of the largest on the island. Every Sunday between 8:00-13:30, Mallorca's most popular weekly market takes place here in Plaça Major, attracting locals and tourists alike from all over the island.

Mallorca's northernmost weekly market offers food and Mallorcan specialities as well as plants and cut flowers, typical island handicrafts, clothing, bags and shoes. It's a great place to haggle over prices, which makes shopping a special experience for customers and onlookers alike.

  • Where? Plaça Major, 07460 Pollença
  • When? Sundays
  • What time? 8:00–13:30 h
Dc Mallorca Wochenmarkt Clementinen

The Santanyi market - a traditional weekly market

Located directly behind the historic town gate Sa Porta Murada and centred around the church of Sant Andreu is Mallorca's southernmost weekly market. The Santanyí market, which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday from 8:00-13:00, mainly sells Mallorcan specialities.

But even those who come here to do their usual weekly shopping, like the locals who can be found here regularly, will get their money's worth. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese specialities and dairy products, sausage and meat products, oil, vinegar and liqueurs, the traditional market, which until a few years ago was considered an absolute insider tip, also features artisans selling their wood and basketry, ceramics and jewellery. A particular speciality at the Santanyí market, which is located in the middle of the town centre between cosy cafés and bistros, is the original Mallorcan Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc sea salt, which is produced just a few kilometres from the old town of Santanyí.

  • Where? Plaça Major, 26-24, 07650 Santanyí
  • When? Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • What time? 9:00–13:00 h

Antiques and handicrafts in Santa Ponca

The largest and most interesting market in the municipality of Calvià takes place in Santa Ponça every Saturday from 9:00-13:00. In the Polígono de Son Bugadelles, countless market traders offer their wares and provide visitors with everything they need to live.

Fresh food, clothing, flowers and even live animals are on offer here. However, antique lovers and flea market visitors also get their money's worth here. In addition to typical flea market goods such as clothing, furniture and decorative objects, collector's items can also be found here.

In addition to the weekly market on Saturdays, a craft market with around 20 stalls is held daily from 19:00-00:00 in Carrer Puig de Galatzó de Santa Ponça from June to October, where even late risers get their money's worth.

  • Where? Polígono de Son Bugadelles, 07183 Santa Ponça
  • When? samstags
  • What time? 9:00–13:00 h

Cosy atmosphere at the market in S'Arracó

The small, cosy weekly market in S'Arracó impresses with its simplicity. Away from the crowds of tourists, a small weekly market takes place quietly on Saturdays from 8:00-15:00, providing the inhabitants of the village with everything they need to be happy.

You can watch the hustle and bustle over a freshly brewed cortado from a cosy seat in one of the adjoining cafés or a small bar in the shade of the midday sun on the edge of Plaça General Weyler. The village is located directly on the road linking Andratx and Sant Elm and is an inviting place to stop for a break while travelling through.

  • Where? Plaça General Weyler, 07159 S'Arracó
  • When? Saturdays
  • Ehat time? 8:00–15:00 h

The farmers' market in Sineu

The Sineu market, which was once mainly used for trading livestock and agricultural products and attracted farmers in particular, is now a popular and well-attended market where tourists also get their money's worth.

Clothing, accessories, souvenirs and food are offered here today, as well as all kinds of traditional livestock. While most of the goods are available at very favourable prices, caution is advised. Unlike other markets, many of the products on offer are not produced in Mallorca but in the Far East and are therefore less original and typical of the Balearic Islands than you might initially expect.

The weekly market, which is spread across the entire town centre of this sleepy little town outside of market hours, is definitely an attraction. Between street artists and performers, livestock trading and the colourful hustle and bustle along the many well-frequented stalls, young and old get their money's worth.

  • Where? Rund um die Parròquia de Santa Maria, 07510 Sineu
  • When? Wednesdays
  • What time? 8:00–13:30 h

Fresh oranges at the market in Sóller

Sóller is considered the jewel in the crown of Mallorca's towns. This is also reflected in the range of traders who set up their stalls in the open air in Plaça de la Constitución every Saturday from 8:00-14:00 in addition to the daily weekly market in the market hall.

In addition to fresh food, high-quality clothing, jewellery and handmade furniture can be purchased here. No visitor should miss out on sampling a freshly squeezed orange juice or even buying a kilo or two of fresh fruit. The Mallorcan home of oranges is still known today for the unique flavour of the fruit. In addition to the diverse market stalls, musicians and street artists offer their art, especially in the summer months, providing a unique experience.

A visit to the market is a special highlight for anyone travelling from Palma on the Soller Railway. The historic Tren de Sóller covers the distance of 27 kilometres in one hour and offers a unique view of wide and mountainous landscapes, almond orchards and orange fields.

  • Where? Plaça de la Constitución, 07100 Sóller
  • When? Saturdays
  • What time? 8:00–14:00 h