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Flats and apartments for sale in Mallorca

Apartments & Flats

Apartments and flats are very popular on Mallorca. Especially in the coastal resorts, flats are ideal as holiday properties and usually offer an excellent infrastructure in addition to proximity to the beach. In addition, flats and flats require much less maintenance than detached houses and are also suitable as weekend residences.

Our flat offers in Mallorca

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Buy a flat in Mallorca

A condominium or flat is one of the most popular types of property on Mallorca. The Balkan island offers both various exclusive locations and good investment potential. The variety of different styles, construction methods and sizes have the advantage that there is something for everyone. 

Why you should buy a flat in Mallorca

There are many reasons why you should look at flats for sale in Mallorca, as one of the most popular holiday destinations, Mallorca offers a wide range of quality condominiums in many different areas. Whether you are looking for luxury flats or one that needs complete renovation. Demand for flats in Mallorca remains high and is considered one of the most buoyant property markets in Spain. 

What kind of flats are for sale?

The size of the different condominiums on Mallorca varies enormously - from studio flats to large penthouse suites with at least 4 bedrooms and many more designs. The same applies to the outdoor area, which can either be non-existent or almost as large as the flat itself. The type of flat you choose will ultimately depend on your budget and the amenities you are looking for.  If you want to get an idea of the type of flats for sale in Mallorca, take a look at our exclusive property selection.

Is it better to buy a new flat in Mallorca or to renovate one?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, as both options have their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose a new flat for sale in Mallorca, you can expect it to be furnished to a high standard and ready for immediate occupancy. However, you can expect the prices to be slightly higher accordingly, which can quickly reach the cost of renovation. However, a flat that needs renovation also means that you can redesign the property to suit your tastes and requirements and - more often than not - pay a lower price than for a new flat. 

Which flats in Mallorca are best for investment?

Virtually all flats offer good investment potential. If you intend to buy a property for your own use, you will benefit from an increase in value in the medium term when you come to sell. If you intend to rent out the flat - either for holiday rental or long-term rental - the investment potential lies in the return. Both rental markets are buoyant and offer good returns. As with all property purchases, take time to choose your location and type of property and contact an estate agent for professional advice on flats in Mallorca with the best potential.

Looking for the perfect flat to buy in Mallorca? 

If you are looking to buy a flat or flat in Mallorca, with three locations on the Mediterranean island we are of course always available to assist you in your search. Our real estate consultants at DAHLER have a wide range of expertise about the individual regions and know the market in depth. Furthermore, our employees are regularly trained on all real estate relevant topics. With our more than 50 locations in Germany, we also have a large network of brokers, searchers and property owners, so that you benefit in the best possible way from a real estate purchase through DAHLER.

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Buy a flat in Mallorca: Your local real estate agent 

As a multi-award-winning real estate agent with more than 60 locations in Germany and more than six locations on Mallorca, we are always available to assist you with the purchase of a property. Our employees have many years of experience, are deeply networked in their own sub-market, know the local peculiarities and have been awarded four times in a row as the best German real estate agent. Feel free to contact us - DAHLER Mallorca will advise you discreetly, professionally and honestly in your search for a flat or flat.

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