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Exclusive villas and luxury houses

With the purchase of a villa on Mallorca, the great dream of a second home on Mallorca often comes true. Whether you are looking for a classic house in Mallorca or a modern, minimalist luxury villa - as multiple award-winning real estate agents with several branches in Mallorca, we are at your side to advise you on the purchase!

Our Villas in Mallorca

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Are you looking for a very special property? Contact us - the majority of our properties are marketed discreetly and are not publicly visible on our website!

Buying a luxury villa in Mallorca - a dream come true

Many people dream of buying a villa on Mallorca. Often, the object of desire has its own pool, a large terrace with space for family and friends, and an unrestricted view of the sea. However, demand is high and supply is limited - for this reason, it makes sense to rely on the expertise of experts who know the property market on Mallorca in detail and can help you with open questions when buying your own villa. Whether you are looking for a luxury villa on the water or a villa in the mountains of Mallorca - we are happy to advise you on the purchase of holiday homes on Mallorca.

Buying your own luxury home in Mallorca - meeting all requirements

The choice of properties on Mallorca is diverse - whether it is a finca on Mallorca, a classic holiday home with many amenities or a luxury property with its own pool, garden landscape and inviting terrace area - the DAHLER range offers the right property for every seeker. The important thing is that the house meets your own requirements and fulfils all the relevant points of a dream villa. The wishes for your own villa on Mallorca can be varied:

  • Number of overnight accommodations
  • Land area
  • Ratio of garden area to terrace area
  • Distance from the nearest town
  • Outlook and vision
  • Sun orientation
  • Building quality and style
  • Generous space and room

The above-mentioned key points have a different relevance for each seeker. Together with a local real estate agent, you should discuss and question these points so that they can present and introduce you to suitable holiday homes on Mallorca. In this way, the search for a property on Mallorca can be accelerated considerably.

Villas in Mallorca - The agony of choice 

Are you looking for a unique, special property on the Balearic island of Mallorca? In contrast to smaller holiday homes, high-quality luxury villas are mainly found in preferred residential areas with an exclusive neighbourhood of other villas. These properties are usually characterised by an inviting garden plot with an excellent view of the surrounding area and often have their own pool landscape, sometimes including a whirlpool.

It is not uncommon for the luxury villa to be located on a hillside and offer a far-reaching view of the sea or even have its own beach access. Due to the low supply of luxury villas on Mallorca, the purchase is often associated with a long-term increase in value, as these special properties are very popular and often in demand. In addition, there is the option of renting out your own villa to other travellers outside of your own time of use.

As a renowned real estate agent on Mallorca with many years of experience and several locations, we advise you in detail on the purchase of your own villa on Mallorca and are always available to advise you during the purchase process.

The right location for your villa in Mallorca

On Mallorca, too, the right location is crucial for choosing a suitable house or villa. Each region has its own special features, whether it's the hustle and bustle around Palma, the quiet villages in the interior of the island, the beachfront locations in the east of the island or the most exclusive residential locations with a short distance to the nearby golf course and marina. DAHLER is represented throughout Mallorca and offers you holiday homes and villas in the most diverse regions.

Every region has its own special features - for this reason, we will of course advise you in detail on the respective local residential area before you buy a villa!

Finding the dream home - with the right local real estate agent

Buying your own house or villa is associated with many questions and uncertainties - which makes it all the more important to rely on the right partner when looking for your own dream home. 

DAHLER has been named test winner four times in a row by the independent DISQ Institute in comparison to other estate agents. As a service provider, we are at your side as a partner for all questions relating to your property purchase or sale and provide you with discreet, targeted and professional advice. Our focus on premium properties in the best locations helps to take into account the special features when purchasing a luxury villa.

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