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Things to know about the second home in Mallorca

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Anyone who has ever been to Mallorca knows what the island has to offer and why a second home there is worthwhile. Here you can find out everything you need to know about a second home on Mallorca.

The Balearic Islands are known throughout the world for their white sandy beaches, but the islands have much more to offer. The largest island, Mallorca, attracts millions of visitors every year, many of whom return again and again to create a wealth of treasured memories. The island is a paradise for cycling, yoga, wellness, paddle boarding and much more, and also offers some exceptional wine tours. Must-sees on Mallorca include the stunning Palma Cathedral and the famous Cuevas Del Drach. There is a superb range of restaurants and excellent nightlife - and then there are the glorious beaches and associated water sports, as Mallorca is home to a wealth of beautiful coastal playgrounds.

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Many of those who visit a holiday destination again and again want to buy a second house or flat there. For some, it is a property purely for their own use. For others, it is an investment to rent out as holiday accommodation. Others choose to rent out their property temporarily and use it themselves on other occasions.

Advantages of a second home in Mallorca

Mallorca is characterised by its extensive landscapes and its mild climate all year round. Those who own a second home on the popular Balearic island have a clear advantage - because they can enjoy Mallorca in all its variations and at any time of year. The opportunity to spend a holiday in Mallorca at any time, with anyone, in your own private second home is the best reason for buying a luxury property as a second home in Mallorca. Buying a holiday home as a second home in Mallorca equally promises you extended holiday stays, winter escapes, summer family holidays and romantic memories for as long as you want and at times that suit you best. 

Purchase of a holiday home in a resort

Buying a holiday property in Mallorca means that you will always have a retreat where you can holiday on the Balearic island and a second home if you decide to live entirely on the island. You will find a large selection of more than 500 properties that can be used as a second home in this property overview!

Mallorca: Second home for winter holidays in the sun

Mallorca is beautiful at different times of the year. Autumn in Mallorca is more like a northern European summer with temperatures rarely starting to drop before November and the first almond blossom at the end of January marks the beginning of spring. Summer in Mallorca is exceptionally long, stretching from May to September. The short winter months are a joy on the island, which offers empty streets and beaches, midday sun on café pavements and outdoor activities in the mountains and by the sea.

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Holiday homes in Mallorca are ideal as a second home

Holiday properties in Mallorca make excellent second homes for a number of reasons. For one, Mallorca is a safe and popular island where you can leave your second home locked up for long periods of time without worrying about weather, security or damage. Local management and estate agents can assist you with your holiday property while you are away, keeping an eye on it and paying them regular visits to ensure you find everything in perfect order when you arrive on holiday. 

Secondly, your second home in Mallorca is a fantastic holiday home whenever you need a break. You don't have to stick to holiday calendars and can take full advantage of cheap flight deals, sporadic working holidays and weather forecasts.

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The cost of a second home in Mallorca

Historically low interest rates combined with a healthy property market and plenty of choice mean that buying a second home in Mallorca also makes good tax sense.  In general, buying property on the Balearic island is a safe way to invest. On the one hand, the island is a popular tourist destination and, on the other, the government has invested a lot of time and money in recent years to polish up its image and attract a new, more discerning type of visitor. 

  • Spanish land transfer tax, which is 7% in Spain, can vary in the autonomous regions, such as Mallorca.
  • Income tax rule when buying from a non-resident. This means that the buyer is obliged to withhold 3% of the purchase price and pay it to the tax authorities.
  • Legal fees. Typically, these are 1% of the purchase price.
  • Notary fees. These are between 0.05% and 1%.
  • Spanish land registry fees. These also amount to about 1% of the purchase price

Read more important things to consider when buying property in Mallorca here!

The right partner for the purchase of a second home

Once the decision has been made to purchase a property as a second home on Mallorca, the next step is to find the right property. There are no limits to the imagination here - whether a penthouse flat in Palma, a finca in the countryside or a luxury villa by the sea - the properties on the Balearic island are diverse. The dream property is not always for sale immediately - the supply is limited and the demand for real estate is high.

Here it is worth hiring a professional partner to search for your own property. In addition to the publicly accessible properties, DAHLER has, for example, a large number of properties that are only marketed discreetly and are therefore only accessible to pre-registered customers. Find out more about our locations, our property portfolio and your advantages as a property buyer on our Mallorca overview!

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