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Tips for choosing a broker in Mallorca

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If you have decided to work with an estate agent for your property sale in Mallorca, all you need to do is find the right one. Sounds easy. But how?

Spoilt for choice: real estate agents on Mallorca

Choosing an estate agent is fundamentally important for the successful sale of your property - but how do you recognise a good estate agent?

If you are looking to sell a property in Mallorca, it is important that you find the best estate agent for you and your property. It is advisable to note that they work on commission. Therefore, if you feel any pressure to accept an offer, remember that this decision is yours alone. A responsible real estate agent will not push you into something you are not comfortable with. 

Selling real estate - with honesty and transparency

Honesty is the ground on which trust grows. Therefore, your real estate agent should also explain negative things about the property to you. Furthermore, you should never have the feeling that your real estate advisor is pushing you to buy a particular property. Transparency and sincere interaction are crucial for a cooperation at eye level.

Get recommended real estate agent in Mallorca

Your first point of contact should be your circle of friends and acquaintances. Ask them to recommend a tried and tested estate agent with whom they have already had good experiences. In addition, research different real estate agents on Mallorca on the Internet and compare the recommendations of other users - independent rating platforms such as Google MyBusiness provide a good impression of the quality of advice. Pay attention not only to the rating itself, but also to the quantity. An estate agent with many satisfied clients will have many positive reviews. 

Real estate agent specialisation

It's not only the location of your property on Mallorca that matters, but also that of the estate agent. When choosing an estate agent, pay attention to where they operate - in the city or in the countryside - and what type of property they specialise in. The agent should have similar comparable properties in their property inventory and specialise in the region where your property is also located. This is the only way that helpful tips such as the nearest school, building development and neighbourhood as well as other relevant topics can be competently answered during an inspection when selling a property.

Sell real estate in Mallorca with quality 

You can find out a lot about a broker online: How is it represented on the web and are its website and social media channels convincing? The real estate portals are also a good indication of the quality of the company: Are the contact persons personally named and professionally presented? Have the property photos been taken by professional photographers? Does the estate agent offer innovative marketing options such as 360° degree tours or online viewings and - if available - how are the property shop and any marketing products on display designed? 

References of luxury properties in Mallorca

A good real estate agent should already have experience in selling real estate and, ideally, have had properties similar to the one you are selling in their portfolio. In this way, you can ensure that the company is familiar with the specifics of this type of property and can professionally look after both the buyer and the seller side. For example, the conditions of a rustic finca in Mallorca can be quite different from those of a modern new building. It also helps to look at independent studies such as the German Institute for Service Quality or the FOCUS Special, which distinguishes particularly outstanding estate agents through awards and tests.

Competences of a real estate agent

An estate agent should have the appropriate training and be able to demonstrate a certain amount of experience in the practice of his profession. If necessary, the real estate agent's team may also include employees with additional qualifications such as architecture or engineering, who can advise you in more detail on specific questions. Regular further training in real estate law and comparable subjects should also be standard for the real estate agent.

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If you would like an initial consultation, our competent real estate advisors in our shops on Mallorca are available to you at any time. A phone call, an e-mail or a visit to one of our shops is all it takes for a non-binding initial contact.

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