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Typical interior design styles in Mallorca

Mallorca Einrichtungsstile Interieur

If there is one style that stands out for its naturalness and authenticity, it is undoubtedly Mediterranean decoration. Learn more about the different interior design styles on Mallorca!

Welcome to interior heaven

Mallorca - An island to fall in love with. As soon as we talk about the island, we can't help but smile and reminisce about unique sunsets, fragrant landscapes and cheerful colours. But 'Mediterranean' is much more than that - it is a way of life consisting of siestas, good wine and evenings with friends. This is also reflected in the Mediterranean style and its decoration. 

Mallorcan furnishings are inspired by the houses built on the Mediterranean coast. Whoever therefore thinks of the Mediterranean finca style also thinks at the same time of a simple furnishing style in delicate colours such as white or any natural tones, which give the corresponding room a carefree feel-good atmosphere and create a gentle transition to the otherwise rather robust natural materials such as rattan and wood. 

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High-quality luxury villas on Mallorca in particular are often kept in this typical Mallorcan style. Woven baskets and decorative vases complete the rustic style. Cool materials such as ceramics, stone and iron are also essential elements, as are fabrics made of natural fibres such as cotton and linen.

The special thing about the simple, rustic furnishing style is that it never appears cool. This is achieved in particular through the combination of robust natural materials and warm colours. The interior is preferably decorated with a variety of small vases or clay pots, cosy seating areas and metal lanterns. A simple stone floor rounds off the décor. Roughly speaking, Mallorcan style thrives on harmonious earth tones, while at the same time the furnishings in houses on Mallorca never appear overloaded. This ensures a certain nonchalance for which Mallorca is known far beyond its borders. 

Design inspired by nature

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At the same time, the Mallorcan style creates a true holiday feeling with decorative objects such as corals, anchors, starfish, stones or shells. Use every trip to the beach to collect the little treasures that the sea gives you. But the Mediterranean environment offers much more: let your imagination run wild and give your home an original and personal touch with olive and pine branches, bouquets of wild flowers or painted stones.

Mediterranean through and through

Blue is the main colour of the Mediterranean-style decoration - in shades of turquoise, pastel or indigo - mixed with a natural white that provides luminosity and a sense of well-being. Add to this some details in red, the earthy brown of terracotta and a rich olive green. This quite perfect combination creates a refreshing and cosy atmosphere.

With all senses: Fragrant flowers and plants

Don't forget a varied vegetation on your terrace, for an authentic Mediterranean-style decoration: rosemary, lavender, olives, lemon, oregano, thyme, vine, jasmine or bougainvillea - the possibilities are almost endless.

Mallorca Finca Stuehle In Garten Design

Mallorcan Garden Decoration

If you want to give your outdoor area a Mediterranean upgrade, you can simply use wind chimes with shell decor or lanterns filled with decorative sand. Woven wicker and wooden chairs as well as a rustic table with glazed clay tableware create an all-round finca feeling on your own balcony or terrace. Add a bowl of fresh fruit and a simple vase with green ferns, for example, and the look is complete. Are you still missing the right finca for your interior? Here you can find fincas and country houses for sale on Mallorca!

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