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Marriage in Mallorca

Mallorca Heiraten Am Strand Besonderheiten

Are you planning to tie the knot on Mallorca? With our tips, your wedding dream will come true!

Whether it's a destination wedding, a wedding in your adopted country or a marriage in your own church parish - the popularity of weddings in Mallorca is rising with seemingly unbridled euphoria.

The home of almond blossom, with its unmistakably romantic landscape and year-round perfect weather for large-scale events such as family celebrations and weddings, is unbeaten as a venue for the most beautiful day in the life of a loving couple. After all, after a romantic proposal, who doesn't dream of a luxurious beach wedding on Mallorca with views of unique landscapes and the blue of the Mediterranean?

Mallorca Heiraten Verliebtes Paar Am Strand

With the support and advice of wedding planners, organising a wedding on Mallorca for tourists and residents proves to be hardly more time-consuming than in Germany.

Getting married on Mallorca: Requirements for bridal couple and guests

Just like on the Spanish mainland, Spanish law also applies on the largest of the Balearic Islands. EU citizens can also marry on Mallorca without much effort. In principle, however, it is easier for Mallorcans and residents with a permanent residence in Spain to enter into a legally binding marriage on Mallorca than for tourists.

A civil marriage in Mallorca is only possible if at least one of the couple has been permanently resident in Spain for at least three months. For this reason, tourists tend to get married in a civil ceremony in their home country and have the wedding celebration on Mallorca, which can be accompanied by a free or church wedding.

A free wedding ceremony on Mallorca is particularly uncomplicated and is usually performed by a clergyman or an independent speaker. Wedding speakers can come from your own circle of friends, be booked individually or be provided by professional agencies. Especially bridal couples who work with a wedding planner or a wedding agency will find it easier to find the perfect wedding speaker.

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Getting married in Mallorca - no civil wedding without residence

In order for the wedding to be legally valid, a civil marriage ceremony is necessary. The free ceremony of a wedding in Mallorca is not recognised on its own, as in Germany. Residents of Mallorca can marry at the registry office in Alcúdia, Inca, Manacor or Palma, for example. The competent registry office depends on the place of residence of the prospective spouses. Tourists have the option of celebrating a civil wedding in their home country before the church or free wedding on Mallorca.

The language in which the ceremony is to be held can also be chosen individually, because of course a German-speaking wedding party should have the possibility of a German-language wedding ceremony. But multilingual weddings can also be very attractive, especially on Mallorca. Tourists have the option of bringing their own wedding speaker from home to Mallorca to perform the ceremony.

Like everywhere else in Spain, same-sex marriage is also recognised on Mallorca and can be performed here.

For the wedding party and the witnesses, please note that non-EU citizens require a visa to enter the country.

Get married in Mallorca

Followers of the Catholic Church enjoy a special feature. For them, getting married in Spain is possible without a permanent residence on Mallorca or the mainland.

Mallorca Heiraten Verliebtes Paar In Der Sonne

Since Catholic marriage is valid in all countries, marriage in a Catholic church on Mallorca is also valid in Germany. It is somewhat more difficult for Protestants, who can be married in Protestant churches on Mallorca, but are not considered spouses under German law. Just like members of other denominations, they are dependent on an additional civil marriage in order to officially register the marriage.

Getting married in Spain - What do I need?

Just like in Germany, documents are required to get married in Mallorca. For residents, the same requirements apply as for Spaniards. Marriage in Spain is also possible for Germans or citizens of other EU member states.

For this purpose, an international birth certificate and a certificate of marriageability are required, which should ideally be applied for at the offices in good time so that they can be submitted on time.

It is also important to make an appointment at the desired registry office about six to twelve months in advance so that nothing stands in the way of the desired wedding date.

The change of name, as it is traded in Germany, must be made independently of the civil marriage at the German authorities - in Spain both spouses keep their birth names even after the wedding.

Where can you get married in Mallorca?

Contrary to what you might think, there are many locations on Mallorca where you can get married in a civil ceremony. Palma de Mallorca is home to the island's best-known registry office, which is why most marriages take place in the island's capital. For the celebration, Mallorca offers wedding parties countless other locations that are ideal for the most diverse ideas of a dream wedding.

The places near the coast offer particularly beautiful locations. For example, getting married in Cala Ratjada with its picturesque bays and luxurious event locations is particularly popular. Here there are many scenarios for a free ceremony on Mallorca, often even directly on the beach.

The churches that exist in every village, no matter how small, at least make it easier to plan a church wedding on Mallorca. Catholics in particular, but also evangelicals, can be married here without any problems.

The decision as to whether the wedding should take place in Cala Ratjada or in one of the many other such breathtaking locations on Mallorca is left to the bride and groom. After all, the wedding on Mallorca should be as individual as possible and completely personalised to the bride and groom.

Getting married in Mallorca - finca, beach or luxury hotel?

Mallorca's versatility is also reflected in the wedding industry. Whether cosy in a small circle, in a romantic finca, barefoot on the beach or lavish with countless guests in a luxurious flair - the possibilities for the perfect wedding location on Mallorca are unimaginably diverse.

On Mallorca, you can even celebrate a wedding in the historic Son Marroig manor house, which makes it clear that there are no limits to the possibilities for an all-round perfect and individual wedding and that the sealing of love on Mallorca is without question an unforgettable celebration.

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