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Schools and kindergarten on Mallorca

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Emigrating with the whole family - a big dream. When this becomes reality, obligations inevitably arise. One of these is compulsory schooling for the children.

Children between the ages of six and 16 living in Spain are bound by compulsory education. This applies to Spanish children as well as children from other countries. We will show you which types of schools to choose from and what adventages are offered to your child.


As a parent, you have to decide whether you want to enrol your child in a Spanish, a German or an international school in Mallorca. You should bear in mind that although Mallorca is part of Spain, Mallorcan is spoken on the island as well as Spanish. Classes at state schools are held in Catalan. Even if your child already speaks Spanish well, the lessons at a Mallorcan school for foreign language learners should not be underestimated. Another consideration that should be made before choosing the right type of school is the degree you are aiming for. If your child wants to study in Germany, a school that offers the German Abitur is the best choice.

German school in Mallorca: the Eurocampus

There are German schools abroad all over the world. In total, there are more than 140 schools spread around the world. At such schools abroad, classes are held in German and students can earn German degrees. There are 13 German schools abroad in Spain. One of them is located in Mallorca.

The German School in Mallorca has been in existence since 2002. At the Eurocampus German School, children learn according to the curricula of German schools abroad from the first grade to the Abitur. Attending a German school opens up many advantages for the pupils. Both the integration into the school abroad and the return to a school in Germany can be seamless. This is why this option is popular with families who only want to live in Mallorca for a limited period of time. Most German schools abroad are privately run. Therefore, you must expect to pay school fees. Monthly school fees amount to several hundred euros.

Since most of the lessons are held in German, children whose Catalan is not yet perfect can follow the lessons more easily. Algebra and chemistry are very demanding for most pupils. If the lessons are also held in a foreign language, it doesn’t get any easier for the pupils. It is often easier for younger children to learn a new language quickly and to follow lessons in that language.If your child is already close to graduation, the German School in Mallorca may be the best choice, as complex subjects are easier to understand in their native language.


  • Seamless reintegration when returning to Germany
  • The qualification is the German Abitur or a Real- or Hauptschulabschluss.
  • German as the language of instruction
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Your child could hardly experience Spanish school life more authentically. It may sound surprising, but the language of teaching is not Spanish, but Catalan. Although Spanish and Catalan are related, they are very different from each other. You can find Spanish schools in almost every town. Therefore, it may be easier for your child to attend a Spanish school than to travel a long way to a German or international school.

The highest school-leaving certificate in Spain is called a bachillerato and is the university entrance qualification. The Bachillerato is roughly equivalent to the German Abitur. With this qualification, it is no problem to study in Germany or other EU member states later on. Since Europe has moved closer together in the area of education in the course of the Bologna Process, the recognition of EU school-leaving qualifications in other member states is no longer a problem.

When you choose a Spanish school, you still have the choice between state and public schools. In Germany, only about ten per cent of pupils attend public schools. In Spain, the figure is a full 32 per cent. The European average is 19 per cent of pupils in public schools. There are also many schools in Spain that are privately run but subsidised by the state. In most cases, the private provider is a church institution. At private and semi-public schools, you have to pay for school uniforms and school fees in addition to the budget for teaching materials.

If your child has already been to school in Germany, it may be difficult to join the Spanish school system without having to repeat a class.


  • Integration with Spanish pupils and locals
  • Learning the Catalan language
  • Existence in smaller towns
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International schools in Mallorca

Mallorca is not only home to the German school abroad. Other countries also have schools abroad on the island. Attending an international school in Mallorca can also offer exciting advantages for German students. The English-language schools in Mallorca are particularly popular with Mallorcan residents.

The American school in Mallorca is the AI School Mallorca. Here, students learn according to American curricula. The language of instruction is English, which many German students find easier than Spanish or Catalan. A great advantage of the American school abroad is that the degree is recognised by American universities. If your child is planning to study in the USA, AI School Mallorca is a good preparation for American university life.

There are several British schools in Mallorca. These schools usually have a kindergarten and your child can therefore attend the same school from kindergarten age to A-level. The British schools are well organised and teach not only the subject matter but also manners and mutual respect. Bellver International College is not only the oldest public school on the island, but the oldest public school in the whole of Spain. Bellver International College teaches according to the British curriculum. Lessons are taught in English. Many of the students come from Spanish families, so Spanish is the main language spoken outside of class.


  • Integration with students of different nationalities
  • International qualifications can be obtained
  • International orientation of the curricula


Depending on what your plans are for the future, there are a number of different schools in Mallorca. If you plan to return to Germany while still at school, a German school is an obvious choice. If your child wants to study in Spain, a Spanish school in Mallorca is the best choice, as they prepare students for teaching at Spanish universities.