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Real estate valuation in Mallorca

What is your property worth?

Anyone who wants to sell their property knows exactly what they want. From our experience, we know that discretion, the correct valuation of the property and targeted marketing are the most important factors. We create the optimal framework conditions for the sale by working intensively with you.

Three options for evaluation

Online evaluation

With the help of an online property valuation, you receive a quick price estimate for the market value of your property. After entering your property and location data, you will receive an initial property value estimate by e-mail within a few minutes.

Video evaluation

With the video valuation, you compile all the relevant property features with one of our experts in a free 30-minute zoom call and then receive the value of your property directly.


On-site assessment

To determine the optimal market value for your property, one of our experts will personally view your property, collect all relevant features and compare them with a database of property values. The on-site valuation takes about 1 hour and is free of charge for you. 

Procedure of a real estate valuation

  • Contact & appointment coordination

    Use our contact form to get in touch with us and send us the address of the property to be valued. One of our property consultants - specialised in your region - will then contact you for a non-binding, detailed on-site valuation.

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  • On-site inspection of the property

    Our real estate expert is guided through your property and collects additional information to validate the property valuation. This involves gathering information about the size and condition of the property, its location, construction, fixtures and fittings and the condition of the building. The location of the property is also considered to take into account factors such as infrastructure, neighbourhood and environment.



  • Preparation of the valuation

    In addition to the property data we have collected, we also have extensive market and comparative data that influence the valuation. By applying a wide variety of methods such as comparative value, capitalised earnings value and asset value methods, we prepare a detailed market price assessment of your property after the inspection.

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  • Presentation of the results

    Finally, the result of the valuation is summarised in a detailed presentation. Together with you, we go through the results step-by-step and explain the process to you in order to enable a transparent and comprehensible valuation.

    Should you subsequently wish to sell your property with DAHLER, our sales advisor will be on hand to advise you throughout the entire process.



Real estate valuation in Mallorca

What is your property worth?

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As a property owner, you can have many reasons for wanting to find out the market value of your own property. But one thing is certain: a purchase price paid 10 years ago is no longer up-to-date. So if you want to know what price a property on Mallorca could fetch, you should have a property valuation carried out.

In addition to macro factors such as the current supply and demand situation, interest rate developments and economic aspects, we not only examine the property itself in terms of building fabric, layout, optimisation possibilities, etc., but also look at the special characteristics of your property. Is it characterised by a large garden with mature trees, an above-average number of bedrooms or a special proximity to the beach?

All factors flow into the valuation of your property on Mallorca, which gives you a detailed insight into the potential market price of your property and for which we have already been awarded the test winner with the best service quality as real estate agents four times in a row by the independent German Institute for Service Quality. And should you subsequently wish to sell your property with us, we will of course also professionally assist you with all matters relating to the brokerage.

Advantages of a professional valuation

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    Little effort for owners

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    Transparent valuation

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    Free of charge and without obligation

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    Detailed market insights

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    Overview of factors influencing value

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    Optimal selling price


Our property consultants have many years of experience in the sale of premium properties throughout Mallorca and can therefore provide helpful support not only in the area of valuation, but beyond that in the sale of the property.

Our property consultants know your respective region in detail and can - in contrast to many other online valuations - go into much more detail about the special features of the respective region and location.

Through a property valuation with DAHLER you will find out the current market value of your property and also have an experienced advisor at your side in the event of a sale taking place at a later date. And the best thing is: the valuation of your property is completely free of charge. Contact us and arrange an appointment for a valuation in Mallorca today.


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Things to know about valuation

The most common reasons for determining the market value of a property are:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate / auction
  • Separation and divorce of spouses
  • Inheritance disputes / settlements
  • Tax issues / property assessments
  • Legal disputes
  • Pure interest or potential sale
  • Property division / partial sale 

In the course of a property valuation, the so-called market value of a property is determined. This is the market value of the property, i.e. the price that could be achieved in the event of a sale.

In the case of legal disputes without the intention to sell, it is advisable to commission an appraiser whose appraisal is recognised in court.  

Location, location, location

A distinction is made between macro-location and micro-location. Here, the term macro-location refers to the country, region, city or district, while micro-location describes the character of the immediate surroundings, the character of the house and the immediate neighbourhood, the location of the street and the building as well as the direct surrounding influences. Depending on the requirements and type of use, both hard and soft location factors are significant for the location assessment. Hard location factors are quantifiable, for example the distance to the railway station. Soft location factors are subjective assessments of location qualities. This would be, for example, the milieu of the surroundings.

Year of construction and area

An important influencing factor is the year of construction of the property and the living space. Depending on the year of construction, the value can vary greatly. The degree of modernisation is also important. This is particularly important for old buildings, as extensive renovation can increase the value immensely. The living space is another factor influencing the value of a property.  


Nowadays, the energetic condition of a building is becoming increasingly important. This includes the insulation of a house, the condition of the windows and doors, and the heating system. Here, too, renovations and refurbishments to different parts of the house must be considered individually. The furnishings of the property also play an important role. From the floor coverings to the sanitary fittings and special features, everything goes into the property valuation.

Supply and demand:  

If the supply of real estate exceeds the demand in the region, this leads to falling prices. This is then referred to as a buyer's market.  

If the demand for real estate is higher than the supply in the region, this leads to rising prices. This is also called a seller's market.  

A good real estate agent knows the markets and therefore also has an eye on the supply and demand, based on his client file.  

Financing costs  

Interest rates have a major influence on the price of a property.

As a rule, the buyer is supported in the purchase of a property by financing. The amount of interest has an impact on the monthly instalment that the buyer has to pay to the bank. The monthly burden for financing the property should only amount to 30 % to 40 % of the household net income.  

Which procedure is best suited for determining the market price depends, among other things, on the type of property and its market environment. The standardised methods of property valuation include the comparative value method, the asset value method and the capitalised earnings value method. Here is a brief explanation of the three price determination methods for real estate:  

  1. Comparative value method: Estimation of the property value on the basis of similar property prices in the immediate vicinity.
  2. Asset value method: Calculation of the property value on the basis of the land value and the current market value of the buildings.
  3. Income approach: Calculation of the property value on the basis of the land value and the building value, based on the rental income. 

Since a value determined by the comparative value method reflects what is currently happening in the market, the comparative method is usually the first choice. An experienced real estate agent is a reliable contact for the valuation of your property.

On the one hand, they can draw on the properties they market themselves, and on the other hand, they have access to various property databases in order to carry out a suitable market analysis for the location of your property. Various market reports, market research data and purchase price collections from expert committees are used as sources for current market data. By comparing with such market prices, the procedure provides an accurate calculation of the actual market value of the property.

For a smooth and quick sale of your property at the best possible price, a realistic asking price is crucial. Setting the price too high brings risks that can delay the sale. These include:

Poor market position in comparison with competitors.

In a market analysis where potential buyers and their agents compare property prices in the area of your property, a higher price than the usual market level would lead them not to consider your offer at all.

Longer selling time

If the asking price is inflated, there is a high probability that your property will stay on the market longer. This can mean additional costs, such as monthly mortgage payments, maintenance costs and property taxes.

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A long listing duration can also lead to uncertainty among potential buyers. They may wonder why the property has not yet been sold and suspect problems with the property. In this case, there is a high probability that they will not make contact at all.

Poor basis for negotiation

Even when it comes to negotiating a price with prospective buyers, it could be difficult for us as your agent to justify the price. An unusually high asking price would weaken our negotiating position.  

Relying on standard market pricing procedures

With a realistic price, on the other hand, we can invoke standard market valuation procedures. These include the comparative value method, the asset value method and the capitalised earnings value method.


Consequently, the correct assessment of the market price of your property at the beginning of the sales process is of crucial importance for a successful conclusion of the sale and should be taken with care.