There certainly are lots of exclusive luxury villas and apartments for sale on the island, but what if none of the properties you look at is right for you? What if you already have a unique idea for your dream house in mind? In this case, buying a building plot might be the answer. 

Plots in Mallorca with an ocean view

There is nothing quite like the Mallorcan coast. From crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches all the way to the sometimes rocky, sometimes flat coastal sections – Mallorca offers absolutely unique plots with spectacular sea vistas. Of course, location is the key factor in any property purchase. Buying a plot thus offers the possibility to choose the location of your luxury home yourself. And what could be greater than enjoying a breathtaking ocean view from your own terrace at breakfast every morning?

Ocean front plots in Mallorca

Who wouldn’t like waking up every morning with a view of the Mediterranean? The most important issue when buying an ocean front plot on the island of Mallorca is whether the land is suitable for construction, and whether all additional clearances or requirements by local, state or federal authorities can be satisfied. When considering buying an ocean front plot in Mallorca, you should find out about these issues in advance: 

  • Do you have private beach access?
  • Can you build out onto the water?
  • What are the insurance requirements?
  • Are vessels allowed on the water?


As when buying a house, when buying a plot in Mallorca it is also extremely important to be thoroughly informed, because buying a plot requires even more preparation than buying an existing home. These are some of the points to consider:

  • When looking for the ideal building site to buy, it can be very tempting at first to focus only on the view and surroundings. However, you should also consider what kind of community you would want to live in – a golf resort, or rather an urbanized area with lots young families?
  • Be aware of what limitations and permits apply to the lot you are intending to buy. Be sure that you fully understand all of the information your real estate agent or construction firm gives you. If you are unsure, ask questions.
  • Be sure to view the building plot being offered for sale in Mallorca in person before you decide for or against a purchase. 

A building plot in Mallorca – Where am I allowed to build?

Building a home on the island is a dream for many. Those looking for a suitable plot in Mallorca should be sure that a building permit has been issued for the site. It is therefore important to gather information about building regulations and standards applicable to the respective site before deciding to buy. To build a home in the country, you must comply with the respective community’s regulations.


If you want to buy a plot in Mallorca, our three DAHLER & COMPANY shops are available to advise you any time. Our real estate agents will gladly assist you with finding the best areas and most attractive properties. Not all plots on the island are publicly listed, so we do our best to find your perfect site. We conduct any necessary site surveys, provide all important market and value assessments, and take part in negotiations for you, so that the purchase of your plot in Mallorca can be as trouble-free as possible. 

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